You lose You win

So while my all-time girl-crush Gabrielle Union is owning that cover, I’m on page 68 of the latest Women’s Health issue…sharing my story.(Give it time 😉)
And although you’ve heard it a thousand times because I have shared it a thousand times, it just never gets old. 💗
As I was reading my article, it was like reading about someone I didn’t even know. I read it like any reader would and realized how strong this person was.
She was pretty bad-ass and quite the no-excuses warrior chick who walked by faith and trusted the process and refused to give up…then I realized, the article was about me.😳
There’s been times lately where I questioned the process and feeling frustrated with the fact that my efforts and commitment is going one way while nature, gravity, hormones and my body is going in a totally different direction. 🎢
This article was just the reminder I needed. That relentless, bad-ass, no-excuses fighter, was ME.💪
I remembered why I started. I remembered who I was. I remembered WHO I am. 🧗🏽‍♀️
You have that same bad-ass, unstoppable, warrior woman inside of you. 🦸🏼‍♀️ Sometimes we just need a reminder.
➡️➡️Get the latest (June 2019) Women’s Health issue on sale now! 😍
Hopefully, you too, will be inspired. 🥰
❤️❤️ Sio

SioYou lose You win