Women’s Health The Ultimate Weightloss Guide Edition

I have truly come a long way… From paging through this exact magazine thinking to myself ‘dream on girl’ and ‘this is only meant for certain kinda girls’ to featuring in the exact magazine as fitness model…🙌🏽🙌🏽 This was not even part of my plan… in fact when I started on my fitness journey, it was all about the weight and simply wanting to feel beautiful and attractive again.
For the longest time all I wanted was to feel good… and good enough. I allowed those negative voices in my head tell me that I couldn’t and I went with it…because it was easier. Having to put a myself out there would be like putting myself on the spot and that would be difficult… and somehow we have trained ourselves that ‘difficult’ should not be an option – hence us staying in our comfort zone. We all know the ‘work smarter not harder’ hehehe- I had to work hard- I didn’t ‘think’ myself smaller.
I will be honest and tell you that when Women’s Health contacted to be part of their special Limited Edition Ultimate Weightloss Guide, I was shit-scared and I was at the the brink of backing out – even though I was the one putting it out there. But here’s why I wanted to back out: I felt like I didn’t look like the typical fitness model/ I wasn’t good enough/ the magazine is making a huge mistake and the edition will flop with me in it.
THAT WAS THE CRAZY VOICE IN MY HEAD- you know… the same one that tells you that you can’t do something or that you’re not good enough… hellooo… I called them out!! because if that was true WH would not have asked me!! Period! Boom!
Do that the next time that voice comes creeping up on you, whether it’s at a board meeting, interview, gym class, audition or date… call those little buggers out (the devil- he’s a liar) and just go for it! If you weren’t good enough they wouldn’t have called you for an interview, he wouldn’t have asked you on that date and you wouldn’t have gone to that class if you weren’t physically able to!
When I started on my weightloss journey this was not even part of my dream, but obviously God has other plans for me… and who am I to say no- so I said Yes I will do this for sure! This is me walking by faith and no clue where this will lead… but God knows that from the day I could think for myself, all I ever wanted to do was help, motivate and inspire people… This is me, trusting the process.
There’s the saying: “You don’t have to see the entire staircase to get to the top, just take the first step.’ I’m still climbing…and appreciating the view every step of the way.
💗💗 Sio
This Ultimate Weightloss Guide is a Women’s Health special edition, so if you want to know how to get started, to staying motivated, inspiring stories, fat burning home workouts, weightloss after 40 and some cool recipes and meal guidelines, get your copy asap in stores today! 😘

SioWomen’s Health The Ultimate Weightloss Guide Edition