Women’s Health Success Story

I didn’t even realise that my story was being featured on Women’s Health’s website until emails started pouring in.
When I checked out the link…there I was, the before and after.

Read all about it here: https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/weight-loss/siobion-weight-loss-transformation/

It was amazing how 90% of the emails that I have received had one thing in common- besides the fact that they felt inspired by my story (which I am forever humbled by) was that they all related to my struggle with PCOS.
In my previous post I cover quite a lot about PCOS, my experience and how you can actually lose weight and be healthy again.

This month is Women’s Month and of course we will be focussing on women- but it has always been important to me to bring awareness to women’s health.

We tend to neglect our own health for the sake of our jobs, family and partners which I totally get, but in the long run, it makes absolutely no sense when we get sick and can no longer give our best in our jobs or at home.
When looking at this image, we see the before and we see the after…very much like a tombstone- Huh? Did I lose you- stay with me.
We live and then we die.

On our tombstone we have a date when we were born and a date when we have passed on. In the middle is a dash –.

The significance lies not in the date of birth (before) nor the date of death (after)…it lies in that line in the middle…you know when we were alive…what we did during those two dates is what matters.
In the DASH lies blood, sweat and tears, sacrifices, failures and victories, fears faced, and challenges conquered. In the middle is pleasure and pain, losses and gains.

I feel like I am born-again. This is my second chance at life…a life I will not take for granted.

I am using this platform to show women, that we can do whatever we put our minds, hearts and soul to. By going online, creating a page, a community and starting a blog was a risk on its own- putting myself out there- risk of being laughed at and bullied- but I couldn’t care less anymore. For every hater there are 10 inspired (I hope) and for this reason I will keep working on motivating women all over the world to make healthy choices for their lives.

Go and have yourself checkout. Book your gynae appointment. Get that mammogram done. Check your thyroid levels. Become aware of your body composition. Become mindful and listen to your body. Educate yourself.

I always get inspiration and useful information from fitness magazines like Women’s Health and online fit-fluencers.
We can always learn from one another…and if I want to keep working on being the best that I can be, I must not stop learning.


SioWomen’s Health Success Story