Women’s Health Next Fit Star Top 12

Guys! Today, I received the most exciting news! 😃 And this is something I would never have been able to anticipate- but when someone suggested I enter the Women’s Health Next Fit Star, I was like… uuhm… maybe next time. Then it dawned upon me, for two years, I have left things Gods hands all the way- walking by faith and believing that He has a plan for me, so I thought, this must be His works… and I will follow… and I entered. 🤸🏽‍♀️ Getting tagged on Women’s Health story feed, saying ‘Meet your top 12’, I scrolled… and scrolled and scrolled … yep, I had to be the last one 😊 I was beyond excited. My heart overflowed with gratitude, because I knew in my heart, this was His work. 🙏 All my early mornings, sacrifices, blood, sweat and tears ( believe me there lots of tears and moments of feeling forsaken) has paid off.
How surreal, not so long ago, I was at the point of giving up all hope, and drown in self-pity, food and depression- and today I am in the Top 12 from a group of amazing, strong, young, fit and inspirational women all over the country…. at the age of 40 nogal!
I know I don’t have the right to ask you this huge favor, as you guys have already supported me so much, in ways you do not even realize- but I would really appreciate it if you take a moment to VOTE for me on this link.
You can vote as many times – first enter your name and email- once you have done that you can just press vote vote vote until your finger pulls stiff 🙈- and of course there’s prizes to be won for those who vote. 🌷
Thank you all sooooo much for walking this journey with me. ❤️
Nothing is impossible. 💫
Much love Sio

SioWomen’s Health Next Fit Star Top 12