What’s in my gymbag?

Some of you were asking what are essentials to take to gym and what I have in my gymbag…well here goes:

My Precious Phone
I cannot function without my phone. It’s my source of sanity…where will I stream my motivational vids from?

My Beloved Bluetooth headphones
This is my coach, my gym-buddy, my angels, whispering everything I need to hear, reminding me why I am doing what I’m doing and how to help other with what I am doing. Well, I’m lying…there’s no whispering-TD Jakes, DELEON, Tony Robbins, Denzil Washington, Oprah and Will Smith are blasting through my eardrums. Don’t be deceived by the innocent, pretty baby pink headphone-when I have those on, the beast is unleashed, and I am in my zone.

My must-have Gym Towel
Okay, firstly it’s just common courtesy to wipe equipment once you’re done with it. I wipe before and after use. I’m not much of a sweater but normally after a HIIT, I drip sauce baby and ain’t nothing pretty about sweat running down my forehead, over my eyes and smudging my mascara.

My ‘life makes no sense without it’ Sippy Cup
I don’t do water-bottles…I’m a sippy-cup kinda gal because I’m not a cold watwr kinda gal either. I like to sip on warm water with lemon…and that’s why it’s gotta be a sippy cup…and it comes with a straw.

My oh-so handy Hand Sanitiser
Obsessed. I must have hand sanitiser within close proximity…especially at a gym. These places can be worse than a creche when it comes to germs. I’m not a germaphobe but I certainly am not taking chances.

My lifesaver Lipgloss
No, not to look pretty – the AC’s on full blast have a tendency to hydrate my lips faster than winter itself- gotta keep the moisturised and healthy looking.

My ‘not taking chances’ Spare earphones
Not taking chances-when my Bluetooth headphones fail me for some unforeseen reason (other than the fact that I forgot to charge it or switch it off) I can always plug in and continue in my zone.

My Glitzy Glam Gloves
This is a must-have…and yes it has sparkles. These little things I just cannot do without. I get callouses on my hands, even with the gloves on, so I can only imagine what it would look like without. I tried to operate some equipment, kettlebells and dumbbells without gloves and my hands were on fire. So…no.

I can’t believe that is all, cos this bag of mine is awefully heavy at times…typical girl’s handbag lol 🙂



SioWhat’s in my gymbag?