What motivates me

I literally danced my anxiety disorder and depression away.
I grew up with ballet and 15 months ago, when I was still 30kgs heavier, I always dreamt of going dancing again…but some how my body is not quite moving the way it does in my head but I realised that I don’t care.

Dance Like No one’s Watching!!! At least I’m not sitting on my big grey couch fighting chronic fatigue, scratching my skin uncontrollably, crying out “Why God?” and arguing with the voices in my head anymore.

People often tell me that they wish they could have my motivation.
My response:
Oh ok, you want a life of debilitating anxiety, depression, chronic illnesses and disorders and deafening voices that just won’t stop?

We all have our own unique reasons why we want/ need to make changes in our lives.
And we all have our own unique ways to change it…so whether I can dance or not is not even the issue lol- my family cannot contain themselves when I dance.

Getting technical- those moves are releasing feel-good Endorphins, keeping Cortisol, the stress hormone in check and burning hundreds of calories…I call it happiness Never give up on yourself.

Dance like no one is watching.
Life is too short to care if anyone is watching!


SioWhat motivates me