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Is a daily weight fluctuation normal?
If you weigh yourself every morning, you probably notice that the number on the scale can change significantly from one day to the next. Sometimes the reason for the daily weight fluctuation is obvious. Perhaps you indulged in a big meal before bedtime that resulted in weight gain or had a very sweaty workout that resulted in weight loss. But there are be other reasons that weight fluctuations occur from day to day…like water retention.
🔴This is what happened when I increased my salt and carb intake: Not intentionally… The chips, garlic rolls and red wine fell into my mouth🙈🙊😊
➡High salt foods ​can cause water retention.
The extra water adds up to pounds on the scale. Some people (like myself) are very sodium sensitive and may retain more water and others are less so.
So what if you don’t think you consume a lot of sodium? Many of us don’t overuse the salt shaker at mealtime. But sodium can hide in unexpected places. Cold cuts, frozen meals, and savory sauces are often high in sodium. Your ‘low cal’ sodas like coke zero are common culprit. Many varieties of low-calorie soup are very high in sodium too.
➡Weight Fluctuation From Carbohydrates
If you love bread, pasta, rice and other starchy carbs, the weight gain you see on the scale may be related to your carb intake. For every gram of carbohydrate you consume, your body retains about three grams of water in order to store the fuel source. For that reason, if you eat a very high carbohydrate meal, your body weight is likely to increase because of the water weight, not because of increased fat. In addition, many ​refined carbohydrate foods are also high in sodium. For example, a spaghetti and meatball meal with parmesan cheese may cause you to retain water due to the carbohydrate intake and due to the high salt content.
➡➡Of course pooping, exercise, stress, medication and menstrual cycles could also play a role in our ever-fluctuating weight numbers.
But keep in mind that both muscle and fat increase your mass, so your weight gain isn’t necessarily bad.
When this happens don’t lose hope- just keep doing what youre doing …. Eating healthy portion controlled meals, exercising and drinking lots of water.
Have a fab weekend…and don’t weigh yourself 10 times this weekend 😉 I was just experimenting😊
❤❤ Sio

SioWater Retention…eishh