I remember all too well how ‘not so easy’ it was sticking to my new found healthy lifestyle during the festive season- note, I didn’t say hard or difficult, just not so easy. I didn’t find it difficult because I knew I was doing something for the greater good, something Good to me and for me.
So here are some of the things I did to stay healthy (and even managed to lose 3kgs during the holidays):
1) Wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual. This gave me time for a 15-minute workout and quiet time to just be. We all know this is a luxury. The best part- you got it! 💪🙏
2) Stay hydrated – drink plenty of water throughout the day, warm water, cold water, infused water -black teas and coffees count_ just don’t add sugar.
3) Stay active – plan activities for you and fam that includes a bit of a workout like hiking, playing ballgames or brisk walking on the sand etc 👟

4) Decide which meal you will most probably want to indulge in eg: maybe you’re planning on visiting family, attending a company function or a wedding and you know you’re going to have what everyone else is having for dinner, make sure that you stick to your mealplan or healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks

5) Whenever you’re going on an outing or leaving the house for more than a few hours, eat! Do not leave the house hungry, ever.

6) Always keep a healthy snack in your bag…a fruit, almonds, biltong etc 🍡

7) Start saying “no thank you”. Once you start mastering the art of saying those 3 powerful words, you won’t have to explain yourself to anyone nor be consumed with guilt from not being able to say it.

8 Workout first thing in the morning, only because I know how life can get in the way- get it over and done with so that you can focus on other more important things like family and other blessings.
Let me not even get started on how good you will feel!!

9) I know it’s party time but on days when there’s none and you can, GET ENOUGH SLEEP. Besides the fact that you burn calories while you sleep, going to bed late might get you scratching in the kitchen cupboards. We don’t want that.

10) Pray for strength and encouragement for the day. No one said it’s easy – but You Can Do It!

11) Say your personal mantra every day throughout the day- a 100 times if you must.
There might be times when you don’t feel like saying it or you might not even believe it at the time – but the more you say it, the more you will start believing it. Here’s one just because: “I deserve a happy and healthy life

❤❤ Sio