Stop holding yourself back

Are you aware of what you say to yourself at all times?
Your mind is very gullible and will believe everything you tell it. If you tell yourself that you can’t do something, it will believe it.
My 5 limiting beliefs that held me back until I finally called it out:
“You have a slow metabolism, you’ll never lose weight”
“Only a certain type of people can pull it off, you’re not one of them”
“You know you can’t do it”
“It’s too late now- you’re too old to look like that”
“Being fat is in your dna, you’ll fight a losing battle”
This is how you deal with limiting beliefs- same thing you would do with a person that you disagree with, you argue- you reguse to believe and deny all those statements…like this:
“Slow metabolism, fast metabolism…I can and will lose weight!”
“I am the type of person that will make this work!”
“I know I can do it!”
“This is the perfect time to get fit and healthy”
“Succeeding is in my dna, I will do this!”
It may seem crazy to ‘argue’ with yourself at first.
I used to feel like I was in a constant battle with myself…and I was. It took alot of convincing because leaving ones comfort zone is always scary- so we agree just to avoid confrontation.
But sometimes you have to stand up for yourself, to yourself to get to the next level. If you don’t, you’ll just hold yourself back and never know how far you can go.
If you need help with letting go of beliefs that have been keeping you captive, reach out to me for a one on one and let’s set you free.
❤❤ Sio

SioStop holding yourself back