I should have done this way sooner – because a lot of you don’t know me from a year ago and might think I’ve always had it easy – that squats and planks come naturally to me and that resisting chips, sweets, milk tarts, lemon meringues and zinger wings is easy. Food was a drug that I binged on and occasionally overdosed on. I could not stop myself and I a part of me did while a part of me didn’t. Partly because my mom makes the best damn milk tarts ever and partly because I ate to fill an endless dark pit inside of me that had nothing to do with my stomach…those few moments of stuffing my face felt good…just for that moment…what do they say- A moment on the lips and a lifetime on the hips….in my case my midsection. Yes, I was a binge eater and an emotional eater, and the cycle was vicious. I was slowly killing myself and cried many nights. I couldn’t wait for ‘the right mindset’ or ‘ getting my head right’ . When I started I was far from READY- I just woke up and went to my first dreaded fitness class, got home and had a healthy meal, did the same the next day and the next day until my 1st weigh- in after 3 weeks and when I realised I had lost 7kgs I was on a high…I had a new obsession- reclaiming my life. I am still waiting for that ‘right mindset’.
Just start.