Spinning for the very first time

You’re probably surprised to learn that I have never done Spinning before until today.

Honestly, I never quite grasped the hype. It’s cycling. I sold my stationary bike 2 years ago.
I bought it with the greatest intentions and envisioned myself cycling while watching my soapies. I even found the perfect little spot in my lounge for it until it just became a hazard that we kept bumping into…not in the romantic way.
I have seen so many Spinning Studios popping up and seen some celebrities really grinding those pedals on reality shows. They made it look like so much fun…to me, it was just a pain in the @#$&. I never had any fond memories of cycling other than the pain I felt between my legs days after…so, when my Ultimate Conditioning class got cancelled at the last minute and I was given the option to try Spinning until the Pilates instructor showed up, I decided to walk in there with an open mind.

I felt a little intimidated as everyone were on such a roll and completely into each and every spin and level…but I didn’t quite get the difference between the spinning and pedalling on my ol’ upright exercise bike other than the design. The Spin Bike was designed to provide a riding experience similar to that you get when riding an outdoor bike and often used by cyclist to get training when weather prevents outdoor training and of course for people who just want to get fit. The pedals turn a heavy flywheel at the front of the bike and has a fixed gear, so the pedal keeps turning from the weight of the flywheel even though you’ve stopped pushing the pedals with your feet. This keeps you working when slowing down.

The spinning instructor did a great job at keeping it exciting shouting ‘Get ready for 10! Change to 7! Now push back to 10 and don’t stop until I say stop-push-push-push!’ until I raised my hand like a good little school girl and asked: ‘excuse me, where do I find the numbers, to know which level to change to?’ because all I saw in front of me was a knob to turn left to decrease intensity and right to increase the intensity but had no idea what level I was on- apparently the levels are imaginary and you kinda have to figure it out because the bikes are from Noah’s time…silly me for not knowing the difference between a modern and older version.

I don’t mind getting out of my comfort zone, but I am not a fan of the discomfort associated with this workout but if you want to torch calories really fast and get your sweat on only minutes after starting your workout…and you don’t mind things rubbing between your legs while working out, then baby, Spinning could become your new best friend. Spinning is great for endurance training and burning fat. I think I will do this once a week.

Always be open to try new things- this is how we learn.
I always say ‘Don’t bash it until you’ve tried it’


SioSpinning for the very first time