Screw New Years Resolutions

😀What a year this has been…with all its ups and all its downs…more ups than downs of course, I have learned and I have grown and I have discovered that there is so much more about me to discover…Screw new years resolutions that we all know wont even see the month of February❗
I will not eat less carbs or do more reps, nor will I meditate more and drink less wine.😵
💛I will be kinder to myself. 💛I will push boundaries. 💛I will ask once and go for it.
These are intentions, not new years resolutions.
So screw the new year’s resolutions. Set intentions…and make it happen.🌟
Thank you for all your love and support throughout my journey…it’s not easy, but there’s comfort in knowing we are not alone.🙏💖
My wish for you for 2019 is to be kinder to yourself and to discover your own strength by testing it. How do you test it, you may ask? JUST DO IT! (I promise this is not a paid ad by @nike 😂)
Cheers to you! 🍷
Much much love ❤❤ Sio

SioScrew New Years Resolutions