Last week I checked on a friend – just to hear how the workouts and mealplan programme was going- he replied, ‘I lost my reason to continue’. Of course, I was devastated…for him. He was so close.😞 This is why I reiterate- have a reason outside of yourself. If your goal is just to have a six-pack, you will most likely fall off the bus because as time goes by, priorities shift and getting a six-pack seems so insignificant. If your goal is to have a six-pack to compete in some muscle mania competition with a set date – you have a real specific (SMART) goal and definitely more likely to succeed.
But back to my point of finding a reason outside of yourself. After I discovered the link between certain foods and exercise and my mental wellbeing in terms of Anxiety, Depression and Panic attacks and how it has changed my life- I did everything in my power to be and stay healthy, to not just tell the world but show the world that against so many odds, you can change your life around. This was my reason. This IS my reason.
How could I ever lose this reason?
Sometimes the reason is not clear when you start but as you continue, you discover it. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, so to my surprise, a month into eating right and working out, my brain fog and heavy darkness that used to surround me was gone- what a weight off my shoulders and my first 7kgs…this is when it started to get real.
Don’t give up when it’s just starting to get real. Just continue. Once you start noticing the little changes like moods, energy boosts, loose clothing, you will want to carry on.
Happy Monday!❤❤