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I don’t sweat I sparkle… hehe. I’m so glad I finally got a sweat sesh in…
Alot of people think, I exercise and eat healthy 24/7 and maybe to a degrees that is my fault and I apologize if I’ve been making it look so easy, because the truth is, its hard.
I still struggle with stopping once I start eating, and looking the other way when people eat my favorite no-go snacks. 🥺I really want to eat a whole pizza and finish a strawberry milkshake and a whole bag of cheese curls… and sometimes I do😱 I do, only because I don’t want to deprive myself and don’t want to build a negative relationship with food… so I give in… yes I do… but here’s the thing. I give in, but I don’t give up.
I’ve accepted that this is a commitment that I made and will stay true to it for as long as my body allows. The next day, it’s work as usual, not making up or going overboard with trying to undo what’s done, but simply carrying on. 🏃🏾‍♀️ I’m not going to beat myself up over the way I went completely off the rails celebrating my 40th for 4 days straight… but my body was sending me a clear message that it my behavior was just not acceptable… 🤢🥴I was sick as dog and felt a 100 kilos heavier, bloated, constipated, nauseous and just plain stupid because I knew exactly what I was doing- so that wasn’t worth it🤦🏽‍♀️ This Kettlebell workout today was! No muscle pains, just sweat… I’d say it went pretty well… and I feel much better. Best medicine ever! 😄
The take away: Occasionally give in, not give up.
❤️❤️ Sio

SioRead and learn