Push Pull Resist Trust

Story of my life…
Sometimes I’m pushing Sometimes I’m pulling Sometimes I find myself just numb… not flinching … with no intention of moving – too afraid to go forward and too afraid to go backwards… so I freeze.
It does remind me of a saying of an old professor I had the pleasure of knowing. He’d always say “Wanneer dit donker is, staan stil” in English translating to “When it’s dark, stand still/ stay put” And I get that- because we tend to panic and run around trying to find the light switch or we keep walking, that could result in walking into a wall, falling over something – injuring oneself or simply going in the wrong direction. The lesson is however to take a breather and slowly finding your way to the light- don’t get caught up with your fears and stay in the same place too long.
Trust.. I won’t elaborate much on this because that’s just the problem right there- we overthink things. If you’re consciously doing things daily to get closer to your goal, then trust that you are one day closer to your goal.
Have a fabulous, fearless, fierce week my lovelies!
❤️❤️ Sio

SioPush Pull Resist Trust