Run YOUR race

It still hasn’t really sunk in that I have come this far…I mean, 20 months ago, I couldn’t last 20 minutes working out and struggled with an 8 kg weight.

Now I’m lifting a 20kg with a smile…that’s almost half my body weight fyi.
I know there will be someone saying ‘lol- only a 20kg’ and I say Yes! with pride.

Sacrifices were made.
Promises were broken.
Friends were lost.
Family felt neglected.

Sweat…all the time
Tears…many times
Fear of both success and failure…too many times.

At times I wondered if it was all worth it- but today, those who stuck around, are only getting the best of me…the best ME I can be.

The point is a before and after pic can’t show the most important part, THE JOURNEY.

Don’t worry if someone reaches their goal before you do or is leaner, stronger, fitter and faster than you.

Never compare your chapter one to someone elses chapter 20!

Run your race – and stay in YOUR lane.

Much Love


SioRun YOUR race