My secret to acing burpee time

Today I’m going to share one of my biggest secrets to acing exercise…no matter how unfit😍
This is something that I learned during the most difficult times of my transformation journey…and I hope this helps the next time you feel too intimidated to join a fitness group or the gym… 💙
The first few weeks were daunting, slipping into group classes with my tights and humongous t-shirts wishing that I was invisible, having to run a mile while I had a fear of tripping over my own feet. I was slapping myself in the face with my boobs. I was resting after ONE rep of pushups and felt pins and needles in my legs after every jumpsquat….all while watching them skinny creatures gliding and galloping and glowing on rep 60…😭
Of course I was the slowest and the last to finish a lap. While they were running and chatting in groups (wtf- I could not even begin to comprehend) my run was always lonely, and quiet. I could always hear their footsteps approaching….about to overtake me 3 laps ahead…but that didn’t bother me. 🌸 I know that they also started somewhere once…this is just me starting out.
➡Now, here’s the thing…I started paying attention to their footsteps…the pace, the drive, the force, the positioning of their feet, knees, arms and eyes. I started adjusting the sound of my footsteps to theirs, moving my arms like theirs…I chose one person as inspiration and did everything she did (in class😳) .
This goes against what we’re taught like: “don’t try to be someone or something that you’re not” and “don’t copy someone else- be you”
I was being me- I was just working on becoming a better and faster version of myself. 💎
In NLP this technique is called MIRRORING. Mirror refers to the simultaneous’copying’ of the behaviour of another person in order to build rapport by mirror and matching. Let’s just say I was building rapport with the workout – cos we just didn’t see eye to eye at first😉
They say “If you want to be a successful person, you must do what successful people do- The same goes if you want to be fit, do what fit people do. My body started believing that I was that fit and that is when it all got real…no more games but game-face. I was no longer limiting myself to what I thought my body was capable of doing. I wanted to see how far I could go.🚀
Keep pushing boundaries and keep trying harder and you will soon realise that you can do more and move faster WHEN YOU DO MORE AND MOVE FASTER.✨
Your coach is not always right because no- one knows you better than you! My coach would tell me to move at my pace and accept that I could not run as fast or pick up the same weights as them…and as I got stronger, I asked ‘Why not?’ and give it a go anyway…💪
Never doubt yourself and know that everyone once started somewhere. 🐣
❤❤ Sio

SioMy secret to acing burpee time