My FitLife Magazine debut

“Tell the story of the mountain You climbed. Your words could be a page in someone else’s Survival Guide.” MH Nichols 🧗🏽‍♀️
This is one of the reasons and motivations for not being afraid to share my story. 🌸
Some will judge me, some will talk and what they say is really none of my business. There is one woman who may have lost hope, given in and simply given up – and that is the one I care about and encourage to hear me…not my journey of dropping centimeters and dress sizes, but about second chances, rebirth and reinventing oneself during the exact time that all SEEM lost.
👉Get your copy of FitLife Mag March‘19 issue and check out my story on page 32…or pretty please pass it on to someone whom you think may need it more. 💜
Much love Sio

SioMy FitLife Magazine debut