My Covid scare

I hope that you are doing okay under these unusual circumstances.
I thought I was doing fine because not a great deal has changed… hubby working, Jo’s doing schoolwork if she’s not playing fortnight, sleeping or chatting my ears off…going shopping only when necessary and dropping the odd essential at parent’s place.
Still online coaching, still working out, still studying and working on a few other projects… the normal…. but with lingering headaches.
For the past 20 days I have been struggling with the most excruciating headaches that would start from the moment I woke up and escalate from a 2 out of 10 to a 12 out of 10 within a matter of 3 hours… every single day… somedays it would pound above my eyes and other days I’d just be nauseous with no appetite. 🤕 I struggled to fall asleep and would still toss and turn until 3 or 5am.. it was until last Tuesday morning when I woke up with chills and fever and an uncontrollable dry cough. 🤒
Panic came over me because we all know what headaches, fever and dry cough means during this time. 🦠 All sorts of thoughts raced through my mind- the supermarket that I was at over the weekend had closed due to a positive covid case and the cases were not declining in my area according to social media.
Now is not the time to tell a person who suffers from Generalized Anxiety disorder to calm down… as much as I wanted to, I simply couldn’t. 🥴
Two days later, my fever was still 38,7 , my cough was nothing too serious but my non-stop pounding headache, muscle pain, tight chest and shortness of breath became alarming. It was time to contact someone.
My husband was out of town, my daughter was afraid to come close to me. I was afraid to come close to her or to touch anything in the house in fear of possibly infecting her. 😥
Now, I knew the possibility was great that as a GAD sufferer my mind could just be playing games with me because shortness of breath and tight chest are common symptoms of GAD and that neck-pain is a typical symptom of a tension headache… so are hot flushes and cold chills… so with a fifty percent chance that I may have contracted the corona virus, I optimistically went to my local Medicross for a screening first and hoped to progress to the next level- to see a doctor for these unbearable headaches.
Murphy’s law…my temperature was normal and I ‘passed’ all the screening questions like:
-Have you traveled recently? No but I know people who have
-Are you a healthcare worker? No but my husband is an essential worker out all day
-Have you been in contact with infected persons? I don’t know – ask Checkers
-Have you had any fever or headaches and shortness of breath? Uhmm… well 🤔
It was either ‘proceed to reception’ or ‘please follow me’… I got the ‘proceed to reception’ That’s a good sign!
My headaches and fever reminded me of a naughty kid too scared to see a doctor because they were no where to be found at the doctor’s office…a relief but slightly annoying. 😩
The doctor asked the normal questions… my blood pressure and temperature was fine. I was fine… but I wasn’t.
He asked me about my daily routine and it was clear that I haven’t been getting much sleep… I didn’t need a doctor to tell me that. I have always had a feeling of guilt for taking naps while the sun was out and even during lockdown I still can’t get myself to do so. I’d rather keep myself busy as I’d probably get a panic attack from doing nothing. 🤦🏽‍♀️
It turns out the an incident that occurred during the first week of lockdown that I couldn’t do anything about (due to movement restrictions) had triggered my GAD. I felt so helpless and couldn’t sleep for days, which ultimately lead to the headaches.
I could have come to this conclusion on my own (but had to rule out Covid for the safety of people around me) because the night before visiting the doctor, I took a sleeping tablet and woke up fresh as lily with a slight pounding but that could only be due to the uncertainty that was still present.
I can now safely say… I just needed a good night’s sleep… something we so easily take for granted. Doc gave me something to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, some pain meds just in case the headache pops up and of course my sleepy meds which really seem to help me cope. I didn’t realize that I needed any help to cope. I was doing everything right, from eating healthily, to working out, getting enough vit C and D, learning something new and keeping myself busy… except for sleeping enough- something that was impossible to even attempt when my mind simply refused to switch off.
So, I discovered that stress and sleep deprivation can have similar symptoms as Covid19.
If you have been going through the same thing, it’s best to be sure first- for the sake of your family and people you may get into contact with when getting essential goods.
Honestly… that night before visiting the doctor… was the scariest night of my life… thinking what if (knowing that people do recover and some do not even require hospitalization… try telling a GAD sufferer that 🙄)… what if, what if, what if these were my last days… what could and would I have done differently?
I’d like to think that I do live every day as if it’s my last…but when that harsh reality stared me right in my face, I couldn’t help but quiver.
Please take care of yourselves and make sure you find ways to keep calm and get enough sleep.
If you struggle with insomnia like I did, try to minimize your caffeine intake and exposure to corona news (real and fake), read your Bible (not Revelations please 🙄) eat enough wholesome foods, do some exercise, meditate if you can, get intimate- with or without a partner 😜listen to calm music in bed… best way for me to fall asleep… read a book with only the nightlight on…
Me at page 4: 😴😴
It’s 11:52am
I’ve done my 5km with hubby before 9am, done 8444 steps, had breakfast and I’m going back to sleep… cos I can.
Sending you lots of virtual hugs. 🤗🤗🤗

SioMy Covid scare