My 4 simple steps to Self-Love

What’s SELF-LOVE got to do with weightloss? Well…lots!

I believe that you will not achieve and maintain a healthy weight until you learn to love yourself, fat curvy, humps, bumps and all. If your weight loss is fuelled by negative mind-chatter and self-hatred, weight loss becomes punishment.

If only it was as easy as flipping a switch. There! Boom! I love myself. Unfortunately, it takes a little more than that.
One thing is for certain, if you’re going to be hard on yourself for not losing weight as fast as your gym-buddy or look the same as your fellow skinny bride-maids or say things like ‘you’re such a weak loser’ for eating another slice of carrot cake or call yourself ‘useless’ and ‘hopeless’ for hitting the snooze button after setting it for a sunrise workout, you are only setting yourself up for failure.

You don’t have to love yourself when you start, but you do have to learn to love yourself as you progress…heck, I hated myself and my body.

It was only when I started to stand up for myself and fight the person that I have become without my consent and actually say ‘No, I’m not tired- I’m lazy, I will work out’ and when I got up at 4h15 am despite feeling like crap and everyone else’s was still sleeping…I felt kinda powerful…I was doing something a lot of people can’t, won’t or don’t want to do. This is when I started to gain a respect and appreciation for myself as a person.
I could finally trampoline, do handstands and play netball with my daughter…this is when I started to gain respect and appreciation for myself as a mom.

I could finally go hiking with hubby and go on date-nights because I had something to wear…this is when I gained respect and appreciation for myself as a wife.
This is when I started falling in love with myself.
See, self-love has nothing to do with being conceited and arrogant and everything to do with self-acceptance, self-respect and self-appreciation.

Loving your body…every inch of it…
Every one of us was created as a perfect, whole being who is weightless. With you lies that beautiful, perfect spirit, regardless of what the world sees on the outside. You must reclaim, honour, and love that part of yourself to begin your journey to a healthy weight.

-Honour yourself
-Nurture yourself
-Take time to be in your body
-Make friends with the person in mirror
-Treat your body like a temple
-Feed it wholesome, nourishing foods

My FOUR simple steps to Self-Love

1 Step out of your comfort zone and do something that your inner-lazy will not like.
2 Stop making excuses and do what you gotta do while saying kind and motivating things to yourself.
3 Be your personal cheerleader and cheer yourself on by constantly reminding yourself ‘You can do it!’
4 Every night before going to bed, express gratitude for your body, your being, your life and everything in it…and while you’re at it, you can repeat after me ‘I am freakin awesome’ 😉

Much love

SioMy 4 simple steps to Self-Love