Mood this week…

Could also be me checking to see if I’m doing a good job of hiding my Christmas blob. Yes – I have gained weight during the holidays (and before) as a result of bigger portions, more snacks, less exercise, stress of moving house and hormones- yep they’ve been acting up too of course and that’s to be expected. 😯 It is a matter of being honest with ourselves… Can’t lie and say I don’t know why I’m gaining again. 🤥
I also found myself more anxious that I might be going back to 80kg! See, losing weight is the easy part…maintaining it is a totally different ball game.
See your weightloss journey as kindergarten preparing you for ‘big school’. Consistency, discipline are commitment are part of the syllabus and the three key subjects to ace because once you enter big school, you must apply – you can’t expect your grade one teacher to potty train you- you gotta understand.
Regaining is not the end of the world but I will be truthful and admit that it did scare the crap out if me. But I know now how to handle it.
I’m starting my weight loss journey again next week…counting calories not kgs – not until I weigh x but until I feel light and comfortable again🤸🏽‍♀️ (still bloated from the boud and gammon🙈😂) This journey will be different because this time I love myself and know my own strength. I know I can be hardcore and I know I can do it (I already did)
Anyone wanna join me? I’ll be using my 6week MBG guide to help me keep track of my food, water, sleep and stay motivated. ▶️Get it on my E-Guide page!😃
Much love 💕 Sio

SioMood this week…