Looking through rose tinted glasses

This is me at Ultra Music Festival- long time dream come true… yep I’m officially an Ultranaut astronaut! What better timing than on my 41st birthday!!
What I really wanted to talk about was looking through rose tinted glasses. Some might perceive this as naive and others as ‘being in denial’.
To me- it’s a choice – and here’s why:
We are living in a world of so much negativity and bad things happening to our people… especially women and children, a deadly virus lurking, a recession in progress, in a country where we sometimes sit in darkness-and not out of free will or choice… and I didn’t even mention our personal battles that we fight daily.
But there’s good things still happening too.
I acknowledge the status quo and am very much aware of our circumstances, but focusing on it definitely will not serve me. So yes, I chose to see things way better than they are and choose to place more focus on the better things…for my health and sanity.
Choose to see the positive- here’s how:
1) Acknowledge the negative 2) Ask yourself if it serves me to think X or Y How did X and Y make you feel? If X made you feel X happy and excited while Y made you feel anxious, sad and miserable , why would you chose Y. Because now you are worried and miserable which affects those around you and now your entire circle/ family is worried and miserable… if we all keep this up, the whole world ends up being one big, sad and miserable place, when it’s actually not.
Of course when things aren’t going great, it will feel weird finding the positive and only focusing on that – but here’s the beauty of the mind- it believes whatever you tell it to believe.
It all comes down to our choices and has nothing to do with ignorance or being naive.
Negativity causes stress and can make our bodies ill – oh, and if you’re on your weightloss journey- no matter how much you exercise and cut out, you will gain belly weight when you stress.
So, do what makes you happy and well. And if anyone judges you for doing this… do you boo.
xoxo Sio

SioLooking through rose tinted glasses