Lockdown stress belly

Hey beautiful peeps
It’s been a minute and feel so bad- I literally stopped posting abruptly and took a break from social media.
Here’s what you see in these two pics below… one is where I’ve been consistent (yep, I do practice what I preach), working out, eating healthy, doing the best I can during the pandemic and restrictions… gaining weight by the day, insomnia for days because of excruciating headaches that pounded so loud I wanted to jump off a bridge to make it stop. My weight escalated from 54kgs to 62kgs and my anxiety and panic attacks made its second debut after years. I couldn’t post any motivational messages to you because I felt like a fraud posting about health and weightloss when I was suffering and in so much mental and physical agony… until the 18th of May 2020, when I took a chance and drove all the way to my house gp (not the one who prescribed panado a week prior🤦🏽‍♀️) , who literally listened to me for almost an hour and as much as I was not a fan of medication, I realized that it was not my lack of faith in my God that caused anxiety, but Generalized Anxiety disorder… mix that with depression caused by chemical imbalance – it wasn’t my lifestyle choices…somehow the headaches were caused by anxiety which caused my blood pressure to rise to dangerous levels and then I’d stress about what could be wrong with me and cause a vicious cycle and so it carried on for months… whilst life had to carry on – new way of life during pandemic, a teen and homeschooling, planning and executing relocation into our new houses for both my parents and my little family as we purchased properties just before our total shut down… I really thought I had it all under control and didn’t realize that stress and lack of sleep had caused my weight gain. My doctor did warn me that my GAD medication may cause weightgain and drowsiness but I was willing to take the chance because I have never experienced headaches of this magnitude where my face got numb, keeping a brave face and smile to not worry my parents and daughter because they needed me- hubby was pulling double shifts to keep our boat afloat.
In the other pic is me almost feeling my old self again… happy and healthy- and yes I went to my doctor last Friday to take a gift of appreciation for his patience that day and to show him that I had lost 12 kgs despite the side-effects and working out 20 minutes a day only 3 days a week because I was still getting slightly lightheaded (to be expected) and taking thing one day at a time. This is me, no expectations just putting one foot in front of the other… every day… walking by faith… just like I did the first time I went on my weightloss journey in 2017.
Mental health is nothing to be ashamed of and if you feel something is not right or you’re feeling anxious (especially during these uncertain times), please get the help you deserve. I didn’t even realize that I was stressing and that the fear of the Covid reality was getting to me.
Just talking to a friend and getting things off your chest really helps. I’m a firm believer in CBT / talk therapy. God has put some incredible people on my path without me even leaving the house. This new pic is me saved by the grace of God, happy, healthy and ready to inspire!
I’m so ready to share how I lost these 12 kgs during lockdown in less than 3 months with little effort, when all odds were against me.
For now I have two tips:
1. Get enough sleep (cannot reiterate enough) 2. Get ready for a brand new challenge coming up… and yes we start on Monday! Details to follow shortly 🏆😍
Much love
I really missed you all! 😘😘😘

SioLockdown stress belly