Life is one big cliche

When I think of all those days and moments when I’d just roll my eyes at someone saying ‘Only the tough get the hardest battles’. How many times did I want to punch my trainer in the face for saying ‘you are stronger than you think’ when I was at my weakest. 😞How I’d just say ‘yahh yahh’🙄 to the motivational speakers when they uttered ‘hard work pays off’ or dear mother: this cloud too has a silver lining, when all I could see was rain and darkness. ☁️🌪 My perception of cliches were always with a hint of negativity, sarcasm and wishful thinking. The truth is life is one big cliche and that’s totally cool!💗
Hard work does pay off! We go through seasons and they DO pass! I do get the tough battles – we all do- cos we are all tough!
Believe that you can and you’re halfway there. 😉
❤️❤️ Much love Sio

SioLife is one big cliche