Let’s talk about goals

Let’s talk about goals, and more importantly, the intention we set behind those goals. What is it that you hope to achieve? Why? Is your intention serving YOU or the world? If there is any external motivator setting your goals it’s time to check in with your heart. Your journey needs to be motivated by your own inner desire to do better, *be* better, for YOU. And once you authentically get to that place, you will begin to cultivate your own true happiness, peace, and health. When external forces are what motivate you, you can only, “fake it till you make it,” hoping that forcing yourself to go through the motions and plaster on a fake smile will eventually lead to the real thing. That is not a fulfilling path to be on.
Get to the root. Be real with yourself and find what motivates you. Then continue asking yourself the reasons why. Follow the reasons all the way to the root. Once you’re there you can realign your intentions. This won’t be easy. Sometimes facing the lies we’ve been telling ourselves can feel impossible, but this is the only way to really grow. Be genuine and kind with yourself.
So what is it that sets your heart on fire? What topics of discussion perk your ears? What are you passionate about? Discovering these things are so essential to your wellness journey. Keep learning things, be open to trying new activities, EXPLORE! This will allow you to open and lead with your heart – and coming from there, you can’t go wrong! Keep believing, keep pushing, keep growing. We’ve got this!!
xoxo Sio

SioLet’s talk about goals