By PB I am not referring to peanut butter. 😊 Hey, that is exactly what I thought…I’m only getting a swing of the fitness world lingo now…now I too speak of ‘PBs’ …lol I sound like such a pro, right!

I’m talking about your PERSONAL BEST. This is when you compare yourself with yourself and no one else – challenging yourself every time. 🏆
With every challenge comes difficulty. Overcoming a set of physical hurdles requires a mindset geared to extraordinary performance. However, this mindset is not built overnight. The mind is fortified by facing hardships, breaking down barriers and believing in one’s ability. If I was asked what my biggest accomplishment was and looking back over my weightloss journey to the very first rep and my very first PB all those months ago, I wouldn’t tell you it was my first 5km completed or 30kgs lost. My biggest accomplishment has been overcoming great weakness and laziness. 🌟
Constantly working on your PB make you a better person with every challenge you face and overcome. Failing in the gym or lounge (wherever you workout), then picking yourself up again and attacking the same demon that puts you down time and time again, will develop a warrior mentality in you.

Be extraordinary – it’s in our DNA! 💪
❤❤ XXX