I’m an accidental Intermittent Faster

By now, most of us know about Intermittent Fasting. It’s all over social media and celebs all iver the world have jumped on the IF bandwagon.
There’s a few ways one can incorporate IF into your life. Some fast for 2 days and eat normally for 5. Some do it 3:4 and if you’re just starting out, you’d fast for 12 hours while the pros can last 16 to 18 hours without solid food. The great thing about IF is that you can eat almost anything you want during the time that you’re not fasting.
So, it could work if I have my last meal at 7pm, go straight to bed, and have a late breakfast at around 11 or 12.
More than 10 years ago, this was my norm- going to bed early, go to work, get too busy to even think of food and just live off cups of tea and coffee.Then it was off to the nearest eatery ( BP filling station) where I’d buy the pie, Coke and chocolate combo…sometimes I’d add cheesy fries and another coke. So I was used to ‘fasting’ for 16 hours and eating all I could eat for 8 hours. So why didn’t I lose weight like the raving celebs? Don’t worry, I know the answer…I mean it’s pretty clear. There are a few reasons why my fasting was going south: A) During the fasting period you may consume beverages- zero calorie beverages and not sugar and cream filled beverages.
B) During the fasting window you may eat what you want but not as much as you want. A calorie deficit is required for fatloss so you still need to be mindful of how much you eat.
I could become a fan of IF as I can eat all my faves with limitation of course, and it eliminates mindless eating and late night snacking. You can also use the IF method on my mealplan or the Herbalife mealplan. It’s just a matter of WHEN you eat and not WHAT you choose to eat.
It can be challenging when you’re starting but if you dedicate 9 hours to sleep, your 12 to 16 hour fasting shouldn’t be too hectic on you and it’s not like you’re doing this every day if the week.
So, jah- IF gets my stamp of approval.
❤❤ Sio

SioI’m an accidental Intermittent Faster