A few days ago, I was asked if I ever look at my before photos and without giving it a single thought I just replied ‘yes’. Then her next question caught me completely off guard and for the first time in forever, I had no words. She asked me: ‘When you look at the woman in the picture, what do you say to her?’ I moved back in my chair, desperately trying to hold my tears back, swallowing this lump in my throat and realised that I wasn’t very nice to her. I belittled her, mocked her, called her pathetic and a failure. I was angry with her because I believed she was unmotivated and lazy. I was such a bully towards myself.

That day I realised just how wrong I was. I revisit my old self, that is still very much a part of me and what I have become and achieved. Yes, the woman in the photo had no idea that she would ever see her dream materialise because she had no idea how and where to even start. It started with a simple decision. It started with a simple word ‘YES’ which represents commitment – kinda like at the alter making promises to the one you love. That woman is anything but a failure and pathetic…. because she said YES. Today I look at her and I say: ‘You did it, you did it! Now we can do what you were always destined to do- inspire others.’
Love yourself, be good to yourself – someone is already inspired by you.