“I just don’t have your kind of motivation”

“I just don’t have your kind of motivation”
I always get that line when someone approaches me to help them but just don’t know how to get started.
Well, you’re right you don’t have the kind of motivation I have. You have different motivating factors. It could be that you want to look great in a bikini, to feel better about yourself, to fit into some old clothes, to get fitter, to prepare for an event, to live healthier or simply to improve your health. Mine is a mixture of all of the above except for the bikini-part… I’m 41 and comfortable in my one piece. 🤪
My other motivating factor is that you can’t teach a child, you show a child. I can’t lay on the couch with a pack of chips telling my daughter to start being healthier and more active. I blame the ps4… kidding… It’s s choice. It’s her choice and I cannot force my lifestyle, beliefs, fears and motivation on her. So, I just keep walking slowly when passing my beloved hubby and daughter in my sweatpants and sneakers and tell them that I’m going for a run… 🙄
It worked! 😱
Hubby has started to join, or actually started running on his own- I think he’s scared that he might not be able to keep up with me… shhhhh.
He runs 3 times a week for 20 minutes, still eats normal foods with the occasional packet chips and cookies and still lost 10kgs in the past 6 months… so annoying 😏😂
He taught me something (or rather reminded me of something- because I’ve always known). Make the decision. Don’t let someone push you into something-go at your own pace. Have small goals, like he started off by running once a week and now he’ll do it up to five times a week depending on work of course.
He’s changed from sodas to water and he’s portions have become smaller… okay, maybe it’s the side- eye I give him when he wants to dish more🤨
Another motivating factor… my most important one actually, is to keep my mental health in tact. Anxiety and Depression thrives on processed foods and exercise releases the happy hormones… and we all know how my hormones have been playing me being diagnosed with PCOS and and and🤦🏽‍♀️
I want to be happy, live happy and spread happiness- that’s my motivation.
No point in fitting into nice clothes and modeling with a good body whilst stressing about every kilo, amount of likes and still unhappy with your body… because people like that are never happy no matter how slim and toned they are because the issue is so much deeper than a body size and sometimes weightloss was just a distraction from the real problem that they’re too afraid to face.
So, yah, my you don’t have my kind of motivation- you have your own special reasons, unique to you. Remember your life story will be different from mine but your story can make a difference to others.
So stop running (from problem) and start running (towards it and face it) 😉
Much love
Ps. My run comprises of a 1 min jog, 30 second walk and repeat – for about 20 to 40 minutes depending on how I feel. I don’t really run… unless this same damn guy with his pitbull runs behind me😆

Sio“I just don’t have your kind of motivation”