I am stronger than PCOS

Yep- not so long ago I was super chuffed with myself for beating it… but a year later, it had creeped up on me.
Dealing with hormonal imbalance is one thing, combining it with insulin resistance is a complete recipe for disaster.
So, here’s why I’ve been so quiet… I have been fighting some inner demons… I actually had a battle with my own body. Yes, it seems as if it has failed me.
After gaining about 10kgs over the past few months, I have recently been giving it my all to shed the load.
It should be a walk in the park, right?
I mean, I know exactly what to do. Calorie deficit plus 8 workouts per week over 3 month… and I gained 2 kgs of fat.
When it comes to PCOS, calorie deficits and cardio means jack. In fact, hours of jumping around, running or cycling will only do more harm to your hormones.

Here’s the thing:
Cortisol is a hormone that’s released during long-term periods of stress. It’s elevated when we are under chronic stress, but also during and after hours of endurance training.
Cortisol is continually pumping glucose into the blood, but our muscles aren’t doing any work. The body does not like glucose just sitting in the blood, so it raises the glucose storing hormone, insulin, to store the glucose for later use. However, if you have insulin resistance then this process doesn’t work. The glucose has to be stored somehow, so it’s stored as fat.
The hard truth is that running or a spin/gym class may actually be making you gain weight, not lose it. It’s raising your cortisol, which is making you store more fat, and making you more insulin resistant to boot.

So, do I stop exercising?
Hell no- just time to do the right exercise for us hormonal imbalanced souls.
But it’s kinda good news too- especially if you dread working out or have little time.

So how now brown cow?
H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) >>>Program out soon!
Short 20 min intense workouts with intervals 3 or 4 times a week are enough.

WTF is H.I.I.T
It’s things like lifting heavy things / body weight exercises and sprinting, but for very short periods, with rest in between, for a maximum of 20 minutes… yep only 20 minutes! You’re welcome!
Alongside the HIIT workouts, you should be trying to do as much physical activity as possible – like cleaning, gardening or taking the stairs instead. This will help to not only burn calories, but also decrease cortisol and inflammation.
Studies have shown that low intensity activity, such as walking or slow cycling, actually decreases cortisol levels. This will help to further reduce inflammation and insulin resistance.

HIIT was found to have many other benefits for participants including:
– Significantly decreased weight and fat mass.
– A significant loss of fat around the stomach and legs.
– Improved insulin sensitivity.
– Significantly improved leptin (satiety hormone) sensitivity.

Just keep going. No reason to give up.
Just one of those speedbumbs.

We got this!

SioI am stronger than PCOS