Hurt people hurt people

My weightloss journey has taught me many things…and I’m not talking about calorie counting, macros and muscle recovery. Nope- I’m talking about self-love and self-acceptance.
Hurt people hurt people…and I’m not talking about the bully at our kids’ schools or the family member who doesn’t seem to care about anyone else but themselves. Nope, I’m talking about me, you, us, hurting ourselves.
I remember a time in my life when things didn’t work out as planned or I didn’t get that job, promotion or acknowledgement, I would say very hurtful things to myself without even realizing it. “It’s because you’re lazy, fat,ugly, hopeless” or “no one wants you” or “give it up, you’re not good enough” or “you never finish what you start, you may just as well quit now” or “you’re not pretty enough/ light enough/ tall enough/ skinny enough/ clever enough/ fast enough/ and oh btw have got bad skin” and the list goes on and on.
Imagine, someone saying this to your face every single day, year in and year out. I have been living with this bully for years. I was my own bully. I was my own worst enemy.
Until one day… See, there’s really just one way to deal with a bully- you call him out and you say “You’re only saying these hurtful things because you’re hurting inside.” Finish and kla! Then it’s time to decide: Let it affect me and make it my truth or do something about it? I did something about a few things for sure- like finishing things that I’ve start, I workout on becoming fitter and stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. I plan less and do more, I feel prettier. I’m not lighter nor taller lol but I’m certainly wiser and braver! I still can’t dance but definitely more confident to not care what others think and love myself regardless. My skin has cleared up although I now have loose skin – so what I’ll just wear spanx if I want to. That’s the beauty of this journey and I’m still learning as I go along. If you’ve been guilty of hurting yourself like I have, forgive yourself and say I AM ENOUGH.
Insulting yourself is the same as insulting our Maker. The day we were created, He knew that His creation was wonderfully made… and enough- to walk this earth and live our best lives.

SioHurt people hurt people