How to get into the swing of fitlife

Now, I know it aint’t easy… but if it was everyone would have been doing it- we love easy 😉 But here’s an ‘easy’ way to fall in love with a healthy lifestyle 🌸
👉TIP Instead of going all in and start joining gyms, thowing out all the junk food and running 5 k per day, break it down! It’s not a marathon, it’s your life!
I can remember saying to my coach that I want to have a flat tummy in 3 months😱🤯 The question was WHY? WHY 3 months? Do you have a photoshoot with Sports Illustrated in 3 months? Is someone paying you a million bucks if you have a flatty in 3 months? Are you entering Miss SA in 3 months? What exactly was the rush to lose this weight by such a specific time? By asking myself these questions, it put things in perspective for me, like what exactly is the rush. 🔽 Here’s the thing though… It’s not impossible to lose a 20kgs in 3 months (believe me, I know) but it is unfair to place so much pressure on yourself and comparing someone else’s progress and success to yours. Many factors come to play ie. your age, whether you’ve had kids, health issues, mental issues, time, how long you’ve carried the excess weight, how active you are, and so much more.
Falling in love with the process means going through the process. 🥰The process is not always easy, but it’s not always hard either.
Don’t focus on everything you have to do or get done all at the same time. Break it up into small chunks, day by day, week by week, months by month. Make one small change each day, each week, each month… and you know what? Before you know it you’ll realize that you’re not that same person you were when you started weeks prior. 🌟 Good news is: You don’t have to wait until tomorrow, you can start right now. Yes! Tonight! A cup of green tea before bed time ✔️ A 20 minute workout… yep there’s still time ✔️ Get 8 hours of sleep ✔️ Buy fresh veggies and some lean protein and prepare your own ✔️ 5 min meditation ✔️
Get my drift? What are you waiting for honey?
Let’s do this!💪💙
Much love Sio

SioHow to get into the swing of fitlife