How to get abs like JLo

I have no freakin idea how to get abs like JLo, because I don’t have abs like JLo. I don’t know what JLo eats, nor do I know what exercises she does, how often she does it and I’m assuming she’s got some good genes running through her veins.

I don’t have abs like JLo because I have abs like Sio!

You have abs like you, yes, you – just because it’s not visible does not mean it’s not there. We are all born with abdominal muscles lol.

I cannot tell you how to get abs like JLo but I can tell you how you can make yours visible…I am currently working on mine – taking slightly longer than the actual weightloss as I’m having more cheat-meals than I’m supposed to…yaeeks.

Firstly, you will have to:

Lose bodyfat – How: Eat less. Limit processed foods. No more luxury treats.
Stay hydrated – How: Drink no less than 8 glasses of water per day
Get active – How: Get off your butt and exercise daily and make sure that 3 workouts are dedicated to strength training.
Get enough sleep– How: Go to bed and get off Instagram and twitter, switch off the light and close your eyes.
Chillax– How: Learn to keep calm. Learn breathing techniques and practice mindfulness and gratitude at all times. Once you have mastered time management you won’t have to do everything under pressure. Learn to meditate.

While this may take one person 6 weeks or 6 months or even 16 months…not a bad thing at all. We must make realistic goals and I am realistic enough to honestly say that I will never have abs like JLo… but I will have abs like Sio!

Don’t try to look like someone else- just work on creating a better version of yourself.


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