How Not to start your weight loss journey

✖️Thinking short term ‘I just want to lose the pooch’ ‘I just want to lose 20 kilos’ ‘I need to diet for the upcoming reunion next month’ ‘I just need to tone up then I’ll be happy’ 🤔 Here’s the thing… Most people don’t have a problem losing weight, in fact they’re seem to be on the ball and shedding like a boss 💪
So, what seem to be the problem then? I will tell you… See, the diet and weightloss part is like the fun, flirty, butterfly stages of the relationship, then comes a new stage called engagement, oooh still showing off the rock (hard abs… if there’s any) … then comes the wedding, and everyone is gushing over the beautiful bride and the wedding runs smoother than all Brooke Logan’s 13 wedding ceremonies… then the hard work really begins.
Because, guess what? Getting there and staying there are two very different things.
That is why weightloss should not be quick and easy, because you won’t gain enough emotional intelligence to deal with what’s to come. You must endure the blood, sweat and tears in order to fully appreciate, learn and understand the process. Because every time someone says ‘I just want to lose 20kilos’, my question is always, ‘And then what?’ You say you will be happy once you get rid of the pooch. You crash diet, lose the pooch, you’re happy… and then what?
This question is very important to me, because the key to successful weightloss lies in the answer… or not.
See, I can only speak of this because I know all too well about it- this is where my yo-yo dieting was born.
I’d lose a few pounds and be happy… and celebrate with a burger 🤦🏽‍♀️ or stop exercising or start eating cakes and drink wine again. The weightloss would always be short-lived. The saddest and most dangerous part of it all,was every time I’d lose 5 kilos, I’d regain 10, then the next year I’m at it again… losing 10…regaining 20…over several years, so it’s not as noticeable, but when I wiped my eyes I was like ‘who the heck is that staring back at me in the mirror?’😱
This is why you must know, once you make the decision to lose weight, there’s really no turning back.
When the fitsters say it’s a lifestyle- they don’t mean the stuff you see on instagram, posting about morning hikes and drinking kombucha all weekend long… what they really mean by ‘lifestyle’ IS Lifetime Commitment to a making healthy choices🧘🏼‍♀️… every hour of every day… even those minutes between getting up and snooze 😴
I don’t want to demotivate you in any way, but open your eyes to a harsh reality, that I too wasn’t ready for. I could have given up and gone back to my old ways… damn there were days when I felt like it… when you just want to finish a pack of cheese curls, a whole milktart and all 8 zinger wings. 🤢
People say it’s okay to have cheat days- but would your marital commitment last if you had to apply that same rule? 💍
Of course, we can lie to ourselves and say no one will know- but who are we fooling… and before we know it, it shows… without having to say a word.
I sometimes feel guilty when people say ‘great job’ and ‘well done’ for losing so much weight, because that was the easy part. The rewards, the compliments, the push and the support is needed after the weight has been shed. I’m living my moment of truth now. I have experienced fear (of going back), frustration and anger towards loved ones for not being supportive. I know it’s not intentional and I ask them ‘Would you dangle a glass of wine in front of a recovering alcoholic, so why are you bringing pizza into my home?’
Some people actually think that I can easily resist and walk away because I have ‘so much willpower’. 🧗🏻‍♂️ That is so far from the truth.
We have the same amount of willpower but different attitudes towards reaching our goals. See, people want everything easy, the quick fix, the magic pill, the fatzapping machine and the 2 day diet and NOT WORK FOR IT.
I cannot sugarcoat the process- hard work and dedication is required. 🔑
Schedule your workouts the same way you would schedule your meetings and not jot it in as a luxury that you may or may not have time for- because I can guarantee you, you probably won’t find the time. 📅
If you’re serious about losing weight, changing your life and want to become a healthier and better version… take this tough love I’m giving you today.
Do it or don’t do it at all. 💯
The decision is always yours.
Just remember you don’t have to go through it alone.
This journey has been tough but I wouldn’t trade my new found freedom, health, passion and purpose for anything in this world… not even for a double cheese burger and cries – see what I did there 😜
I am living my best life and I am learning more and loving it more each day. It’s all new, so trial and error to be expected- I’m not perfect and I will continue to make mistakes… and learn from them of course.

SioHow Not to start your weight loss journey