How I motivate myself when I just don’t feel like working out

Yes- this happens to me too- lol it’s funny how some people think I eat lettuce all day and just lurvvvv working out…sooo not the case.

I get lazy, I think of reasons why I shouldn’t or couldn’t and wouldn’t. This is actually one of the reasons why I prefer working out in the mornings- then it’s done. During the day so much happens that can distract us or even exhaust us to the point where working out becomes a luxury.

So, whether its am or pm- this is what I do:

1) Twiddle my thumbs, pinch my rolls that I am still working on toning- realise it’s not going to happen miraculously and get up!
2) Get my motivation vids and my Level-up sound blasting through my earphones.
3) Put on my tights and trainers

…All on autopilot – not giving it a single thought, because thinking leads to overthinking and overthinking leads to 10 000 reasons why I should go back to bed.

So, to summarize my motivation ritual:

WHY: Goal – build muscle and tone da booty
HOW: Music – makes you want to move
WHEN: Now – cos you’re all dressed up 😉

Try it and let me know how it goes!

SioHow I motivate myself when I just don’t feel like working out