Heritage Day 2018

I had the best day today…Heritage day- just me and my hubby and daughter.

Everything was so random- nothing planned, but just what I needed after a hectic weekend of an almost three day wedding celebration.
Walking down Long Street, St George’s Mall then had the opportunity to visit the Slave Lodge Museum and Art Galleries around the Company Gardens…then we got hungry. Lol I started the day on such a positive healthy note until a friend of hubby’s invited us to have lunch at his restaurant -The Village Buffet in Long Street…it was a buffet, yaeeeeeeks. I thought, okay-this does not happen every day, so let’s just do this.
Of course, I had everything on the buffet- a tablespoon or two of everything including malva pudding, waffles and chocolate dipped marshmallows.

I’m back working out tomorrow again.
I know I can’t out-exercise a bad diet, but I am not- that’s the thing- one bad meal does not qualify as a bad diet.
*Let me just clarify- the meal was not bad (only in health and weightloss terms). The food was absolutely delicious, the most amazing service and every dish was on point.

Avoiding the temptation trap for good
Exercise hard every morning. Whether you do this for 15 minutes or one hour. Give it your all…even on rest days put in a quick 10 minute cardio. This must be done in the morning, preferably before you do anything else.

This would keep you motivated throughout the day. When temptations hit when you walk past the pastry table or someone offers you Macdonald’s, it is rather difficult to forget how hard you worked just a few hours ago. Your mind immediately jumps to ‘I worked really hard to burn 300 calories just to add 700 calories in 2 minutes.’
It works – every time I was in a situation where it would have been so easy to grab that croissant at work, I’d always say, “no thank you, I worked way too hard.” And let’s not forget what a waste of time- when it took you one hour to burn 300 calories to double up on calories in less than 5 minutes!

You’re welcome 🙂



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