Hello 40

For weeks I have been excited. A few days ago I was excited… heck, a few hours ago I was excited… I’m turning 40….40, holy cow did someone say the ‘f-word’?? 😱
Then it hit me- like out of the blue I saw a grey hair in my ‘baby hair’ in the shop window reflection and noticed several wrinkles around my eyes yesterday at the optometrists when I went for an eye test. The first thing that came to mind was ‘cancel the eye test- I need botox’. 🙈
My daughter saw me adjusting the crows feet while I’m fake-smiling and gently tapped me on the shoulder saying “ don’t worry, the glasses will cover it.” 🙈😂 It didn’t make me feel better but it certainly got me to pull myself towards myself rather fast… and said ‘this is life’.😊 Here’s why I’m sooo excited:
I haven’t felt this great since my tweens, not looked this good (even if I must say so myself) since my early twenties, never been this fearless since my teenage years and never felt as content since…forever. 💫
My cup runneth over with gratitude. 🙏
Looking forward to the future walking in the light my Guide, Protector, Provider and Father.
Hope you all have a super fabulous day!

SioHello 40