Happy and healthy in any size

So I worked my butt off to reach a goal that I never set. I always said ‘it would be great to lose 10 or 15 kgs but didn’t hold my breath. So when I passed the 15 mark and shot for 30…I was like “heck, I can do anything I put my mind to”.
I never anticipated getting to 46kgs (smaller than pre-baby…I mean it’s teen years weight)
So this is me now…not a size 6 like last year when I went from size18 to 6…I am now a cumfy 8…and guess what…the looks and comments are already coming “you’re getting fat again” or “I’m surprised you lasted this long” or “careful you’re going to look like you did”
My goal was never to look like a teen but to be fit, strong, sane and healthy…not skinny.
I am happy and comfortable in my own skin and love myself, loose skin, stretchmarks and all.
We don’t all aspire to be skinny and if I wanted to be, I do have the knowledge and tools to get me there again…if I put my mind to it…but that would be to please the world.
I love being healthy and living healthier. I actually love working out and making better choices. I love motivating people and this too motivates me. I will never give up on them, so why would I give up on my self.
My journey has taught me that I don’t need to have a certain look, qualification, following or financial status to inspire others, but to be me…authentically, unapologetically me.
Be you. People will love or hate either way…and that’s okay…as long as you stay true to you!
❤❤ Sio . . . .

SioHappy and healthy in any size