So, this is my second month on my own-no group training and no trainer to take me through the next phase now that I have lost all the weight (a whole toddler actually )
I started increasing my calories to start maintaining and toning up…boy – this was confusing. This was more difficult than losing weight. All my trainer told me was to ‘eat more’. Naturally I was too afraid because my mind was still set that eating more would lead to weight-gain and there I was…stuck. I added an extra hour or two to my weekly workouts in fear of gaining now that I’m eating more…what I failed to accept was that the more I exercise the more energy I burn, the hungrier I will get because this engine needs more fuel! Food is not the enemy – we need food to nourish our bodies. Btw…I did gain 3 kgs in my month of silliness- so I went through my food journal …and I found the bloody culprits…you will never guess- I will share in my next post later today!
That’s the great thing about journaling your food if you’re not following a mealplan to the t. The moment I realised my mistake- I threw away the culprits – followed my mealplan for 7 days and lost that uncalled for 3kg!
Chat later
xxx Sio