Living your best life is not about the size or brand you wear, nor is it about the position you hold or the car you drive.
Living your best life is about being HEALTHY.
Here’s a throwback for TBT:
I was so chuffed with my car the first time I bought it… but suffered severe GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) that I couldn’t even drive my car to fetch my daughter from school without getting anxiety attacks.[image: https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/fec/1/16/1f697.png]🚗 What’s the point?
I bought my first pair of Louboutins…but suffered from swollen burning feet (my body was too heavy for my feet) and could never wear or enjoy it👠 What’s the point?
Visited the most amazing places and got the most amazing photos but the pictures never captured the cervicogenic headaches, back pain and desperation to escape the deep dark pit of depression. What’s the point?
Up early, breakfast meetings, product launches…from the outside looking like I was living it up owning my beauty salons and project management business…no one around me would even realise what a challenge it was just to get out of bed – chronic fatigue, excruciating period cramps from PCOS. 😎 What’s the point?
Having a great and patient husband and daughter wanting only a smile on my face, when all I wanted was for them to leave me alone on a Saturday afternoon so that they couldn’t see me cry😢 What’s the point?
What’s the point of having it all while your health is suffering…while you are suffering.
I can tell you today that ever since the day I started taking better care of myself by eating clean and becoming more active, my anxiety, depression, pain, fatigue and negative thoughts have disappeared…yes, exactly like magic. Yep, I believe in magic. I see the magic in everything today. Life is magical. I genuinely thought that the dark pit that I was in, was my ‘normal’, my fate, what I deserved. I was so wrong. That was never God’s plan for me… So, guess who holds the wand to our lives? Let Him guide you to make the right choices.
Choose health. Be healthy.
Live your best life.
❤❤ Sio