I will never skip Leg Day again

You know you have done leg day right when you can’t walk properly the next day, you know when you look like you’re walking with a wet diaper on. Is it weird that I actually like that feeling?
I always loved my legs until orange peels and jelly got hold of them- for some reason they were always happy, always smiling-you’d just see dimples everywhere. When my bodyfat percentage started dropping, the first thing I noticed was the definition in my legs…maybe because every other day was leg day at group classes. This did annoy the hell out of me because I wanted to lose the tummy more than anything else and we kept doing these damn lunges.
Little did I know…I need leg day in my life!!

Here’s why you need leg days in your life:

– You’ll reduce your risk of injury – You’ll burn calories even when you’re not working out – You’ll gain more lean muscle and lose fat – You’ll improve your balance – You’ll run faster and longer -if 10kms and half marathons is thang – You’ll increase your metabolism – You’ll relieve lower back pain – You’ll increase your range of motion – You’ll gain beautifully toned legs and booty

The squat, in particular is a great exercise for firing up your metabolism.
It works the entire lower body, as well as some of the upper-body muscles as stabilizers.
Since a ton of repair work is needed afterwards you can expect your metabolism to be running full-throttle for hours.
Given that the squat is also a great muscle builder you will also benefit from the metabolic effect of muscle.
The more muscle you build, the more calories you burn.
There are so many variations of the squat and the best part is, you don’t even have to leave your house or miss your soapies.

My favourite 3 squat variations
· standard squat
· sumo squat
· squat jump hold for 30 seconds

My typical Leg Day Workout looks something like this
· Walking lunges
· Deadlifts (can be done with or without weights)
· Squat
· Leg raises

You can also follow my 8-minute leg day workout printable on my workout page.

How frequently should I have a leg day?
2 Leg Days a week are enough…whatever you do, don’t skip Leg day!

If you find these exercises too difficult to do, start by walking more, climbing stairs and stepping up and down your front door step.

Whatever you do, don’t give up.


SioI will never skip Leg Day again