I almost didn’t go… I am so glad I bought my ticket 2 hours before the event dreaming about it for the last 3 months. But this week I heard that nasty voice called Excuses over and over inside my head.
The bugger is so convincing! I actually believed the 20 excuses why I shouldn’t go from ‘not being able to afford a ticket’ to ‘not having like-minded friends to join me’ etc. But I somehow felt like I was being led and that familiar feeling of walking in faith not knowing what to expect came over me. 🙏
I bought the ticket and went alone. How awkward was it when I realised most workouts were partner-based…and again HE came through, the girl next to me was also solo – partner sorted! 😀👭 It was interesting to learn new workout styles with over 500 women- the feeling was overwhelming.
And how funny is this- it is no secret that I cannot dance and that my family always make fun of my moves- I got to dance with my Insta fitspo Mapule on the Powerade South Africa <> stage and won a cool prize!![image:]💃[image:]😂
I have learnt so much and am soo going to bring it to you guys!!! I am sooo excited!! 😍😀 Thanks Womenshealthmagazine <> and Adidaswomen <>[image:]💞[image:]💪

*All in one Fit Night Out:* 1333 calories burnt without even feeling it[image:]✔ Met new friends[image:]✔ Did something I’ve never done before[image:]✔ Challenged myself[image:]✔ Bucket list dream come true [image:]✔ Tears of gratitude while working out[image:]✔
I feel so blessed.