It has become a little harder to get off my butt and workout. I remember very well how pumped, motivated and committed I was January last year- when I have lost my first 10kgs- I guess I was all too excited and felt like I was actually getting somewhere. It’s great when you can see the progress slowly but surely taking shape. Now the game has slightly changed. I am no fitness-junkie with a ‘passion for fitness’, ‘hustle for the muscle’ stuff and wake up all ready to squat. I’m not addicted to exercise (I’m too lazy for that😊) but I am addicted to that feeling of pushing and challenging myself, feeling the sweat dripping and doing what I know others probably ain’t doing right now. I am addicted to that awesome feeling of accomplishment and success- see cos I set daily goals- and achieving your goals is called success (not what you drive and what your job title is) So, what do I have to do to get that feeling? Get off my butt, fight my demons like everyone else, and focus on that feeling that I know will soon follow. They say you have to visualise the end result- I have to incorporate all my senses- I must really feel it in my bones, then there’s no stopping me😉 Fight your demons- they don’t have half the amount of strength you have- you are a Warrior after all!

❤❤ Sio