Fear of regaining

Of course the fear of regaining weight haunts me. I have worked extremely hard to get this far and regaining would take me sooo many steps back…right.
Wrong. Yeah, it would take me a few steps back but not all would be lost.
Getting to my lowest weight (46kilos) I didn’t quite like the shape of my face and I kinda looked unhealthy. I knew I would regain a few kilos as I was trying to find the perfect balance to get into maintenance phase and no longer weightloss. This was a difficult few months because the fact that I was gaining weight again freaked me out. It’s like getting on a rollercoaster, being nervous and excited at the same time. You reach high points and low points and scream as you approach unknown turns, then you get used to it all and think ‘aag I got this’ …then it hits you and you shoot like a rocket through the air! I was convinced my weight would skyrocket back or right passed my starting point and yeah…I panicked.
This is where I had to learn to compose myself. I am happier that my face has taken healthier shape and hubby loves the fact that there’s something to hold on to lol.
It would have been a different situation if I was prepping for competitions but that’s not the case.
I am healthy and I am happy and I look and feel the part.
And that’s what matters 😊
XX Sio

SioFear of regaining