I trust you all had a blessed Easter weekend.
I certainly did…hot cross buns, pickled fish, Easter eggs and all…I know I mentioned, all in moderation but I must admit there were moments when I just let it pass with a ‘ah well, it only happens once a year’ … I just couldn’t resist my father-in-laws’ pickled fish.
A lot of people think weightloss is hard but it’s the maintenance that is so much harder but after months of retraining the mind and learning to manage cravings, temptations and building a strong body and mind, it’s all possible.
And how did I do Easter weekend damage control?
I woke up this morning and went right back into my routine, working out, having a healthy breakfast, and carried on as I usually do with life. You cannot undo what is done. Just move on and carry on.
Some of my peeps were devastated and said: ‘now I have to start all over again’ after a bad weekend. I too would get totally demotivated as ‘starting over’ sounds like such a daunting task.
Honey, you don’t start all over again. YOU JUST CARRY ON.
How does the saying go- Keep Calm😉