Don’t let your dreams limit you

If you have never believed in miracles… here’s one! From struggling with PCOS, Depression, GAD, obesity, insulin resistance, pre-diabetes and a sense that my God has forsaken me, to FITNESS MODEL at the age of 40 and the height of 154!💫 I could not have dreamt it and therefore never asked for it. 🙏 When I was asked to do this shoot I screamed out of pure excitement and joy (I mean – it is the largest fitness magazine in SA!) and then those nasty little voices taunted me the whole day yesterday telling me that I won’t be good enough and don’t look like the fit models with their flat tummies and perfectly toned physique. So my excitement turned to nervous really quick… hence the morning hike-in the hopes that it will distract me. 🙉 But as it turns out, it all went great – with wardrobe changes, fans blowing (through my hard sprayed hair 🙈) and amazing people making me feel at ease and beautiful. 🌸 Sometimes when we set goals, we tend to limit ourselves. I also do get why we do so. If I had said 3 years ago, that I want to lose weight to be able to do a 5km fun-run with my buddies, every one would have said ‘ok’ but if I had said I want to lose weight because I’d like to be a fitness model, the response would have been very different like “Okeee then… I think this diet is making you delusional honey” 😕 All I really wanted to say was… Believe in miracles.
Dream bigger than your mind will allow you to dream… the trick is to stop asking ‘but how?’ Put it out there to the universe 🧜🏼‍♂️ Have faith 👼🏽
Much love Sio .

SioDon’t let your dreams limit you