“Do you think you will ever get fat again?”

I get this question all the time.
That’s not even on my radar.
Sometimes I do think to myself ‘what if I just let myself go again’ then I remember WHY I STARTED.
I don’t think I will ever go back to where I started. Sure I will gain one here and lose one there but 30 kilos would kinda qualify as a suicide attempt.
Some say ‘but it’s so easy to fall off the wagon’ and my for sure I do agree with that but during my life altering weightloss journey I have learnt so much and gained the necessary skills…I know better now.
I am more mindful than I was in my ‘fatdays’ and I am more active and make a point of taking care of my body even though I indulge at times ( it’s called balance).
I don’t just drive up to the drive-thru and ask for a Big Mac nor do I finish a chocolate or a pizza like I used to. I don’t let a day pass without having at least 2 litres of water and never go 3 days without working out (except for sickdays).
I know the implications of my actions. I know the benefits of being active and staying hydrated. I know that skin problems, anxiety, depression, heart desease, diabetes, high cholesterol, chronic fatigue, dicomfort, disappointment, unhappiness and misery awaits on the other side. I have no intentions of going back.
My thought-patterns, behavior and reactions are different. My neuro-pathways have been changed to best serve me and my new lifestyle. This is not magic and I too do struggle to stay true to my healthy lifestyle but I have become stronger, more mindful and knowledgeable.
❤❤ Sio

Sio“Do you think you will ever get fat again?”