Day 9…How’s the New Years Resolutions going?

Oh hello there!
All pumped up and doing ya thang… like you said you would on New Years Eve?
Well I’m not here to mock you if it’s not going too well- this is not today’s pic and was taken just over s week ago- last year!
It’s clear that I don’t do NY resolutions… only because I know myself all too well and I know I’ll be distracted or off to find something more interesting and less effort within a few days.
My new years reSOLUTION: Instead of making big new years resolutions once a year, I make New Days Resolutions once every evening for my new day ahead… and just like new years eve, celebrate the new day coming… it is a new day to change what didnt work the previous day, a chance to do things over, a chance to do better than yesterday!
You can do this weekly and monthly.
This strategy eliminates the aspect of overwhelm and allows you to be more focused and get the small daily tasks done… resulting in big results over a period of time.
Rock 2019… one day at a time!
XX Sio

SioDay 9…How’s the New Years Resolutions going?