Cheat (long) weekend…say whaaaat!

Sometimes I forget and how I got started on my weightloss journey because the few times that I have fallen off the wagon, I found it incredibly difficult to get back up.

It takes a constant reconditioning of the mind to get me to rediscover why I started in the first place. Yes, you do start all over again. It’s not like riding a bicycle after many years.

You literally have to repeat certain steps to get back on that wagon.
This is usually the place where most people give up. I mean just last weekend I didn’t just have one cheat-meal, it was the entire day starting beautifully with a healthy shake and by the afternoon it was off to a bachelorette where I went completely overboard with milktart, pies, braai and Merlot on tap with chips and sweets in between. I went completely bos. I felt like I just could not stop myself and when a window of opportunity to stop myself showed itself, I intentionally ignored it.

I was so sick the next day but the disgust for my actions surpassed my physical nausea and diarrhoea. My body was rebelling and the cycle of self- loathe began. I felt guilty and ashamed.

‘I must get a grip of myself’ I told myself, but how. It was so much easier then…or was it?
I have lost over 30kgs and I was convinced that I had gained at least 4kgs in one weekend. I panicked, thinking I did not come this far to get this far.

The fact is, the last time I had lost weight and fallen off the wagon, there was not that much at stake. I had only lost a few kgs, nothing to write home about. Now that I had lost all this weight, I feel a certain pressure that people are watching me.

But why did I go overboard the way I did?
Simple. I just wanted to let loose for just a bit. I have been so strict on myself lately that I completely rebelled. I have started on a more advanced programme to build muscle and had been training with a bodybuilder. My mind was just not ready for that step yet.
I could not wrap my mind around the amounts of food that I had to eat, constantly being hungry, low on energy and doing weight training 6 days a week.
I became more demotivated than ever as I had gained 5kgs of which 3.5 kgs was body fat…not good- not his meal-plans fault but my rebellious attitude. I was sticking to the diet 6 out of 7 days and of course the ONE day did more damage than perhaps one small cheat-snack per day, which I am used to. I have fallen into the trap of binge-eating is the simple explanation.

I have taken steps to get back on trap and lose that excess body fat so that my hard work can finally start showing. I had no intentions of looking like a body builder. I just wanted to be firmer and leaner.
I have also realised that this will be more difficult to achieve (I refuse to say impossible) because I do have a lot of excess skin and no matter how hard I train will never firm up-but I am not giving up.

Tips to avoid falling into the weekend binging trap:
1. Know why you’re wanting to lose weight or reach a certain goal.
Write down why this is important to you. Keep it close or in sight. This way you will stay true to yourself.
2. The occasional cheat-treat will not hurt especially if you make some smart food swops for example, if you feel like having chocolate, try a few blocks of dark chocolate. If you are craving for sweets, try a handful of dates and almonds or apple slices and nutbutter. There are so many healthy snacks you can have almost every night, even a cup of low-fat vanilla ice-cream every other evening. This way your body will still enjoy sweet indulgences and not feel deprived causing rebellious behaviour sending you down the hill.



SioCheat (long) weekend…say whaaaat!