Be the black sheep – it’s okay

Always the black sheep- but that’s okay… I was born to stand out. 💫
You’ll always be the bad one, the fat one, the short one, the thin one, the tall one, the loud one, the wrong one, the crazy one or the too-out-there one.
Let’s face it- someone will always have an opinion about you… but that’s just it. It’s theirs opinion… and frankly, what people think of me, is none of my business- quite contrary from what I was raised to believe- my mom always reiterated the value of a name ie. reputation… and I guess I was doing okay with it to some extent. I wasn’t prepared to sell my soul to please others, I guess that’s what made me the black sheep.
The reality is that you can never please everybody.
I still remember, in my fitness group, I started out being the short one, the chubby one, the slow one and the complaining one, then I became stronger… no one said anything… and when they noticed how unstoppable I was, I wasn’t the unstoppable one, I became the obsessed one… not the fit one, not the strong one, not the courageous one.
It’s just the way it is- the positive adjectives don’t sound as good. People struggle to encourage one another.
So don’t rely on others to motivate you or make you feel good about yourselves. It’s not up to them.
If you’re going to wait for other’s approval, you will be disappointed… and you don’t deserve that.
Now go to the mirror and say:
I’m the strong one
I’m the courageous one
I’m the pretty one
I’m the sexy one
I’m the successful one
I’m the wise one
I’m the clever one
I’m the confident one
I’m the bad-ass one
I’m the kick-ass one
The only ones we’re meant to please is Ourselves and God… and I get a feeling we’re on the right track.
Ps. He loves ALL His sheep… black and white 😉

SioBe the black sheep – it’s okay